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Pixie: A little filly with a big personality -progress update

Pixie's Progress: May - August 2016...I've been reviewing some video footage from our sessions and thought I put a little movie together.

After an initially quite explosive few sessions in spring, Pixie has now calmed down a lot, as Lisa has since developed an even deeper bond and established much clearer communication between the two of them. In our sessions we worked on establishing clear boundaries & space, directing the horse's movement through body language & energy, tempi changes while leading (walk-trot-walk), and introduced / desensitised Pixie to various objects such as poles, tarpaulin, mounting blocks etc. Lisa has been fantastically diligent in working on agreed goals in between our sessions and her hard work, patience and determination are definitely paying off. Pixie is a strong character, a little opinionated at times :) and often challenges us in our leadership capacity. But we look at every situation as an opportunity to learn & grow. I'm so proud of how far these two have come together and look forward to seeing both go from strength to strength. Well done, Lisa & Pixie.

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