Skye schooling
Skye schooling

Cross country coaching session
Cross country coaching session

Rider Coaching - Lunge session
Rider Coaching - Lunge session

Skye schooling
Skye schooling


Coaching, Schooling, Remedial Work, Starting Young Horses, Straightness Training

Do remember the first time you achieved a rising trot or your first canter?  Or do you remember watching your children achieve that? The pride, excitement and sense of achievement were amazing!

Well, these moments are absolutely precious to you – and to us – they are priceless.  And this very journey, your personal growth and development are at the heart of what we at ‘Spirit In Stirrups Ltd.’ do.

Whether you're a first time horse owner or an" Old Timer" horseman / woman,  we believe that learning is a life-long process and our horses teach us something new each time we interact with them – when we’re prepared to listen, a new revelation about our equine partners or indeed ourselves -  is whispered straight from the horse's mouth.

We are not a riding school, but our services cater for private clients who do own their horses.  We work combining classic & natural horsemanship techniques and approaches, finding a unique solution to each unique situation and client.

We offer tuition in:

  • Horse riding for all ages and abilities

  • Stable Management - all aspects (for adults as well as children)

  • Ground Work (in-hand, non-ridden)

  • Workshops & clinics on various topics such as safe loading, clipping, long lining as an alternative to lunging, dressage test     & jumping practice and much more - these are run all year round and dates can be arranged to suit you/ your yard.

We also offer assistance with:

  • Schooling horses

  • Starting / Restarting horses

  • Rehabilitation of horses (e.g. for difficult loaders, stress during clipping, standing still for mounting etc

  • Show preparation & Showing

Price List - 2020/21

Horse Riding Tuition

  • 60 minutes Private Session - from £35.00* per person

  • 30 minutes Private Session - from £25.00* per person (a minimum of two consecutive bookings at the same venue/same day is required)

  • 60 minutes Semi-Private or Group Session - from £25.00* per person

On request, we will film your chosen lessons and record them for you on a Memory stick to use as a tool to develop your riding further. An evaluation of the recorded sessions can also be provided on request at an additional cost. For more information please enquire at the time of booking.


Workshops / Clinics

  • 2 hours - from £55.00* per person

  • 1 hour - from £30.00 (Group = minimum of 3 participants - per person) / £35.00 (individual)**

Please note: Prices are a guide and may be subject to change or a mileage surcharge.

 The Mileage surcharge is applied to session fees where delivered outside a 6-mile radius from my base.