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My horse - my teacher: The Beautiful Skye

I have so much love 💕 for this young horse! It’s been nearly two whole years since #TheBeautifulSkye came into our lives and she was only meant to stay in training with me for a few months to see if straightness training could help her on her road to recovery from injury. I guess 24 months is only a few months... in the big scheme of things at least. She’s planted her hooves firmly in our hearts and we are so happy to have her stay.

The transformation in her over time has already been amazing, but I also know there’s so much more to come. With each day, week & month that passes she more and more blossoms into the beautiful, strong, balanced young horse she’s meant to be. And I feel so incredibly blessed and proud to share that journey with her.

She is teaching me so much, most of all patience, patience and more patience. Not to loose focus or heart when things don’t go as ‘planned’, but just to persevere, reflect, try again and truly enjoy every moment.

We had a wonderful little groundwork session this morning, working on shoulder-in and haunches-in in walk and trot. In walk we are also achieving some lovely steps of half-pass and the beginnings of a pirouette. And Skye had a first try at haunches-in in trot too - I was super proud of managing a couple of great steps on each rein! She absolutely tried her heart out. So so proud of her!

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