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An afternoon of discovering our purpose and who we are...

On Sunday I delivered the 2nd Equine Facilitated Leadership workshop for a group of teenage girls from Kensington Temple London City Church's Youth Mentoring Programme, held at Moorwards Farm, Equestrian Coaching Facility. The girls & leaders were fantastic participants and we learned so much from each other and the horses during the afternoon. We came away with fresh ideas and inspiration about discovering who we are, finding our purpose in life, and how to become better future leaders. This is what some of the participants had to say:

"Bea has inspired me - she is doing what she was born to do & I want to do the same."

"I learned the virtue of gentle obedience."
"Thank you so much for this wonderful experience. I feel as though I am more conscious."

I feel incredibly blessed and privileged for knowing that I am walking in my purpose, doing what I was created to do and sharing my passion & knowledge with our future generation! Go and inspire someone today...

Have a wonderful week all.

Bea x

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