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Rosie's Diary - weeks 23,24 & 25: Fireworks, hacks & first canter strides

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

As Rosie's education continues, so does ours. The horses we work and live with are truly our best long as we're willing to listen, to be patient and observing with an open mind. It's good to have a plan - because we all know that failing to plan is planning to fail- but it's even better to have a contingency plan ready when things change unexpectedly and be flexible to work with whatever situation presents itself. The most important lesson I have ever learned is: never look at a mistake as a FAILURE, but as an OPPORTUNITY to learn and try again! Don't be afraid to make mistakes, because if you never even try, you also deny yourself an opportunity to get it RIGHT! The greatest successes and breakthroughs come after many trials and don't give up :)

One of Rosie's sessions happened to be scheduled on Fireworks Night, so Jamie was a little apprehensive about how Rosie would deal with the noise and sight of exploding fireworks all around the yard. I felt quietly confident that the months of groundwork, straightness training and incremental desensitisation would have prepared Rosie physically, emotionally & mentally well to cope with situations like this calmly and confidently. And she sure did! Rosie was relaxed and focussed all throughout the session, and not even the loudest bangs made her loose her cool. I couldn't have been prouder of her.

You can see a few fireworks going off in the background in this picture.

Rosie is not in the slightest phazed by the fireworks going off all around us

Last weekend, we decided to go on our second hack, although weather conditions were not ideal, with fairly high winds (but not unsafe of course). Again, Rosie was a picture of calm. This time we ventured a little further afield into the woods. We were passing a field with other horses, and a dog walker & his three dogs who were a little too friendly around Rosie's legs, but she just patiently stood still, while the owner called his dogs back to put them onto leads. On the way home, we were passed by several cars & motorbikes and stopped at a very busy main road for a moment, allowing Rosie to take in new sights and sounds. She was just perfect.

Rosie was such a pleasure to work with during yesterday's session. After some initial bending & stretching in-hand and some liberty work, I got onboard. Rosie's balance, rhythm and stride have improved so much in walk and trot on both reins and she is beginning to search into the contact and work in an outline. So I felt it would be the right time to introduce a transition into canter. When I asked, Rosie responded willingly, although a little unsure & unbalanced, for a couple of strides. That was such a magical moment and a really big deal for all of us! Rosie's first EVER canter with a rider on board.

As the weeks go by, we will continue to celebrate and build on every little progress we make on Jamie's and Rosie's incredible journey to becoming a happy & confident partnership. I so appreciate to be able to be part of their journey.

Happy learning :)

Bea x

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