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The Beautiful Skye: 'Finding her hooves' - weeks 2/3 Update

Updated: Sep 3, 2018

Time flies...and my plan to blog weekly went straight out the window. But here I am with an update on what we've been up to over the past 12 days.

Skye's settled in brilliantly, so much so that it feels like she's always been here. If anything, I'm the one having to adjust to a new routine of fitting her care & training into my existing, already very busy work & family schedule. But I'm getting there...

According to her owner, Skye has always been at the bottom of the herd hierarchy. So to everyone's astonishment, Skye has become best buddies with the 'bossiest' mare out in the field! So when none of the other horses can come to the gate because 'bossy boots' Millie is hogging the spot, Skye is right by her side and no-one is troubling her :) What a smart move, making catching in even easier. Not that this has ever been a problem, as Skye came to call from day one. That was such a lovely feeling...

I mentioned last time that Skye has started to show some aggressive behaviour (launching, biting & kicking) at feed time towards her reflection in her stable mirror, which she perceived as potential competition for food. Having monitored her responses closely during the week, my husband and I decided to take the mirror off the wall tonight, as Skye became progressively more defensive, protecting her food & stable against the perceived intruder. When bringing her into her stable tonight, she initially turned towards the wall the mirror had been on, but when she didn't see 'the other horse', she turned to her feed bowl and ate her dinner calmly. That was a big relief - I'm sure for her too.

Her ST training is progressing nicely too. We are working on improving the LFS standing and on the circle. The lateral bend to the left continues to be difficult for Skye, and I am more and more convinced that this is due to stiffness/tightness/ asymmetry in the left hip/left side of her body. Correct exercises will address this over time, by stretching the tighter muscles on the left side of her body and helping the longer muscles on the right to contract more. As Skye learns to shift more of her body weight from her forehand towards her hindquarters and carry more weight through her hocks, the lighter her forehand and the more uphill her movements will become.

I also introduced Skye to Long-lines for the first time this week. And she was an absolute 'pro' - the proof is in the pudding...well, in the picture :)

So far, Skye hasn't put a hoof wrong and she is just a delight to be & work with. Life is sweet...

Have a great week and please feel free to share & comment.

Bea :)

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