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The Beautiful Skye - September 2017 Update

Updated: Sep 3, 2018

It’s been way too long since my last update on The Beautiful Skye’s progress. We are now 10 months into rehabilitation and training.

Skye has come such a long way since she arrived here last November - it's been an incredible journey thus far, with ups and downs, but I wouldn't want to change a thing. We learn so much together every day... I am so grateful to this little horse with a big heart and of course to my dear friend Liz, who saved her life and entrusted her into my care so she can have a second chance at life.

Skye's unconditional love, trust, intelligence, gentleness and wisdom just blow me away again and again, she has undoubtedly stolen my heart - there's no denying it.

Her changes are far from just physical, although these are probably the more obvious ones. Her body is getting stronger, so elegant, and so are her mental & emotional capacities. She is growing into a confident, happy and beautiful young mare – with a sense of knowing that she’s safe and loved forever.

The pictures below were taken over a 6 months period (top - January 2017; bottom - July 2017) - the change is amazing!

Top: January 2017, Bottom: July 2017

Through progressive, focussed Straightness Training exercises, combined with physiotherapy since May this year, Skye’s pelvis has made remarkable improvements, with both sides now being practically fully aligned, having adjusted an approx. 1.5 inches discrepancy ! The muscle tone in her left croup area has also significantly improved, now being able to better support the (hip) joint, ligaments and tendons, thus allowing for greater movement of her left hind leg. A huge ‘thank you’ to Sam Barrett ( for her excellent therapy skills, knowledge, advice and encouragement, and also for fitting us with a lovely saddle.

Skye came barefoot to me with strong hooves, and I had the best intentions to keep her that way if possible. However, being a Thoroughbred with thin and very sensitive soles, she struggled to stay sound due to bruising on her soles, so Liz and I made the decision in May that it was best to have her shod. We started off with only front shoes initially, but it became clear very soon that she needed a full set. This was definitely the right decision, as her soundness improved significantly very quickly.

As Skye’s top line and core strength is building, I am able to progress Skye’s ridden work a little more too. She is learning to respond to weight- (through the seat) and leg aids, working on halts, turns and circles, as well as walking over poles. We go hacking through the fields surrounding the yard and had a little ‘excursion’ off the yard to the main road to look at the traffic. She was all grown-up about it and stood quietly at the end of the lane, taking in the noise of the passing vehicles. Oh – and may I add that Skye’s is worked and ridden bitless - including by my 10yo sons. I just love the bond, trust and understanding we have between us – it’s magic!

On the ground, we continue working on & refining LFS, Shoulder-In and also a first few steps of Haunches-In...I am so pleased with her, she's always trying her heart out.

Just a few steps of Haunches-In

Our journey is living proof that with faith, love, compassion, patience, time, an open mind and the right skills/tools and support network… there is always hope!

So I hope that you will continue to follow us and share our journey with us.

Blessings from Bea & Skye

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She looks like a different horse! Amazing!!

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